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For the past six years, Avery has dabbled in several areas of video production but has decided in the last year that it was time to start making money primarily with video. We get to the root of Avery’s passion, which is sports and action videography. Avery has the personality type that makes being out on a job the best form of advertising and networking possible. We talk a bit about how focusing your intentions and showing what you want to shoot can help you rise to the top of your niche quickly.

In this episode, we will discuss:  

  • You in your zone of genius is your best advertising
  • Intentional portfolio building  

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1:33 Avery introduces himself and his experience with videography 10:10 Gebbs asks what Avery would do if he didn’t need money 16:48 Avery asks about being his own worse critic 19:16 Avery explores his dream scenario with sports/action videography 34:08 Bridal shows VS Same Day Edit 42:16 Competitive advantage of being passionate about what you are doing 49:28 Remove the things you don’t want to do from your portfolio 51:10 Sizzle videos VS offering more value to clients 57:10 Being intentional in a niche 1:08:01 Self awareness and giving advice based on others personality types and situations




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