the JUMPSTARTER for the Human Battery.

It's like if you leave the lights on in your car overnight and the battery dies. The battery needs a JUMPSTART. But there is nothing wrong with the rest of the car. Here's the thing, there is nothing wrong with you. You are not broken. But if life has drained "your battery" and you are feeling stuck, confused, unclear of what direction to go next, or have lost the "mojo" I can help JUMPSTART you and give you the guidance that will help move you forward "on the road of life" & in the right direction for YOU!

Listening vs. Reading.

My goal with being a JUMPSTARTER is to help you be able to wake up every day with your "Soul on Fire" because you're so excited to get up to do work you love with people you love! I'm much better consumed in audio vs. text (just like it's better to listen to your favorite band rather than read their lyrics) which is why I highly suggest you take the time to listen to my story in the audiobook I recorded rather than read it. You won't regret it! My journey has not been easy though & has been filled with bumps in the road & obstacles which I go much deeper into in the audiobook.

It may be the JUMPSTART you're looking for. 

For all you readers, you can get a preview of my story in written form- Click Here

This picture from my wedding with my AMAZING wife Jessica reminds me that DREAMS can come true. Our Marriage together has been incredible and she is my BEST friend! The key to all this JOY has been over the top COMMUNICATION & UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! We actually dated for three years back in the day & broke up for two years before we got back together though. So it wasn't always "Rainbows & Butterflies" which has also been my journey in life & business. But when you are willing to work on yourself & stop blaming others by taking responsibility for your life than ANYTHING is POSSIBLE in your Life and Business ⚡

Above is a video showing that with practice and persistence Anything is Possible with the transformations that you can make overtime! Again if you are reading this and at all inspired, I highly suggest you listen to my audiobook by clicking here!

Ok, below this is an intense blog post! I spent over 6 + hours writing it. I've had way too many people tell me they have spent between $10,000-$20,000 on gear and have made ZERO dollars. This is NOT cool. Well, no need to write a novel here because there is plenty to read on the blog post below :) This is a post about gear and VERY MUCH NOT a post about gear at all...Read it to see WHY! You deserve to make a GREAT living doing what you LOVE.

Whenever you're ready I would love to help! 

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