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Not enough time in your schedule for "normal" Coaching? Not an issue here.

I get it showing up to Scheduled 60-90 min Calls anywhere between 1-4x a month is difficult. That's not a problem with "Coach in YOUR Pocket". It's all done going back & forth in audio messages via an app called Voxer. Super effective & efficient as you can send messages at any time and listen back to the responses anytime!  

This isn't some cookie-cutter one size fits all approach. It's PERSONALIZED to you!  

Hear what one of my clients said about the IMPACT my coaching has had on him! 

What exactly does "Coach in YOUR Pocket" entail?  

The GOAL is to guide you & get you:  

Unstuck so that you can FEEL a weight lift off your shoulders!  

Moving forward with CLARITY & CONFIDENCE in what are the right actions to take for you and your personality type.  

With this new found Clarity & Confidence you will be able to get better clients/projects, charge more money, & have more freedom & fun!  

YOU will get:  

  • One on One Coaching & Direct ACCESS to me, Monday-Friday 9-5pm CST which is when you will receive the quickest response time. You can still send messages when something "hits" you in the evenings and weekends. I just typically don't respond during non business hours (FAMILY TIME)!  

  • Unlimited Daily "Check-Ins" (Questions or thoughts you can ask/share with me).  

  • Me asking you questions to learn more about you & your situation so that I can BEST guide you personally!


  • Feedback, Encouragement, and Business Strategies Personalized to you and your business.

"When I HEAR you, I can HELP you." That's my motto. So don't worry about asking me the right questions. I'll ask questions, listen, and be able to "jumpstart" you!

I know most videographers & filmmakers have either not experienced coaching before or have potentially not had a good experience with a coach. So it is my main objective to give you an incredible coaching experience!  

I've helped people in the first week who had a job they were submitting a proposal for charge anywhere from a few hundred dollars more to thousands of dollars more on a project just by sharing with me the opportunity and me helping them think differently about how to price it!

BONUS for Signing Up:

Recently I held something I call the JUMPSTARTER Virtual Summit where I interviewed 8 INCREDIBLE Individuals in the Video Production Space. I will send you all 8 interviews after you sign up for the trial.

Some of the Interviews Include: Ryan Hanlon of Route 3 Films where he talks about how he gets $15,000-$40,000 to work with schools and non profits, Parker Walbeck of Fulltime Filmmaker, Paul Xavier of Next Level Creators, Ronnie Gordan who is doing $2,500-$4,500 per month with stock footage, Brett Culp who has a documentary of Netflix and Hulu, and finally Casey Jones who did $25,000 in Real Estate photo/video in March 2020 during the pandemic.