What exactly does the JUMPSTARTER EXPERIENCE entail?

The GOAL is to guide you & get you:  

Unstuck so that you can FEEL a weight lift off your shoulders!  

Moving forward with CLARITY & CONFIDENCE in what are the right actions to take for you and your personality type.  

With this newfound Clarity & Confidence, you will be able to get better clients/projects, charge more money, & have more freedom & fun!  

JUMPSTARTER EXPERIENCE consists of 3 main components and each one is described below.

1. "Coach in YOUR Pocket".

This is to help you attain greater levels of CLARITY & CONFIDENCE by giving you personal one on one attention and refining your mindset! This is the FOUNDATION of everything and will help you to succeed in LIFE no matter what you want to accomplish!

2. JUMPCIRCLE Sessions.

This is designed to connect YOU with peers!

3. JUMPSTARTER Virtual Summits.

This is to hammer home concepts talked about one on one with "CIYP" and peer to peer in JUMPCIRCLE by interviewing industry experts who are succeeding in business and life. Also allowing you to ask questions of people you would otherwise not have access to.

"Coach in YOUR Pocket"  

  • One on One Coaching & Direct ACCESS to me, Monday-Friday 9-5 pm CST which is when you will receive the quickest response time. You can still send messages when something "hits" you in the evenings and weekends. I just typically don't respond during nonbusiness hours (FAMILY TIME)!  

  • Unlimited Daily "Check-Ins" (Questions or thoughts you can ask/share with me).  

  • Me asking you questions to learn more about you & your situation so that I can BEST guide you personally!


  • Feedback, Encouragement, and Business Strategies Personalized to you and your business.

"When I HEAR you, I can HELP you." That's my motto. So don't worry about asking me the right questions. I'll ask questions, listen, and be able to "JUMPSTART" you!


My main focus is on serving my one on one clients but I have so many awesome clients that I wanted them to connect. So this is a mastermind where I bring my coaching clients together to connect, collaborate, dive deep and see that they are not alone in what they are going through! We do so through a once a month zoom session.

Pictured below is from one of our monthly JUMPCIRCLE Sessions.  

JUMPSTARTER Virtual Summits  

  • 2 Days Spent Virtually Masterminding with TOP people in the industry!  

  • Ability to ask questions of the presenters over the two days.

Here is a list of some of the previous guests:

Parker Walbeck of Fulltime Filmmaker.

Parker is the TOP course for filmmakers with over 10,000 students to learn to become an epic filmmaker.

Paul Xavier of Next Level Creators.

Paul helps creators run commercial campaigns that help the creator to generate an extra 6-7 figures per year.

Ryan Hanlon of Route 3 Films.

Ryan has been running a production company since 2011. He works with Schools and Non Profits and receives $20,000-$40,000 for his projects.

Ronnie Gordon of Gordon Media Services.

Ronnie regularly makes $2,500-$4,500 per month selling stock footage. Ronnie also sold his production company for multiple six figures a few years ago.

Mark Wonderlin of Mosaic Media Films.

Mark has mastered the ability of having a variety of different offerings for his clients. Regularly charging between $5,000-$20,000 per project and being in video for over a decade. Mark has a wealth of knowledge to share!

Jordan Taylor Bunch of Ladybird Studios & Film Mavericks.

Jordan has been in the wedding industry for over a decade. He has mastered many skills in that time but specifically, during his session we will be talking how he has been generating extra $$$ with livestreaming during the Covid-19 crisis.

Brett Culp.

Brett has been in the industry since 1999 and has charged over $25,000 to do celebrity weddings and his documentaries have raised over $100,000 for charities and have been featured on Netflix & Hulu.

Casey Jones of Shutter Zone Media.

Casey has been thriving in the Real Estate Market with Video & Photo. But because of Caseys positioning he is still thriving during COVID 19.

More info about "Coach in YOUR Pocket".

SUPPORT when you need it most!

Not enough time in your schedule for "normal" Coaching? Not an issue here.

I get it showing up to Scheduled 60-90 min Calls anywhere between 1-4x a month is difficult. That's not a problem with "Coach in YOUR Pocket". It's all done going back & forth in audio messages via an app called Voxer. Super effective & efficient as you can send messages at any time and listen back to the responses anytime!  

This isn't some cookie-cutter one size fits all approach. It's PERSONALISED for you!  

"Coach in YOUR Pocket" Client Example  

Below is an example back and forth exchange with a "Coach in Your Pocket" Client. He was not sure how to price a project that had just popped up. It almost sounds as if this was a phone conversation but these were actually voice messages sent back and forth via Voxer over a period of a few hours.

GET STARTED Today with a
7 Day Free Trial of "Coach in Your Pocket"

Hear what one of my clients said about the IMPACT my coaching has had on him! 

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Let Me Help You Transform Your Life & Business!  

"I can't believe I almost passed up on this opportunity. This is one of the BEST decisions I've ever made!"

I know most videographers & filmmakers have either not experienced coaching before or have potentially not had a good experience with a coach. So it is my main objective to give you an incredible coaching experience!  

I've helped people in the first week who had a job they were submitting a proposal for charge anywhere from a few hundred dollars more to thousands of dollars more on a project just by sharing with me the opportunity and me helping them think differently about how to price it!

*The free trial only includes "Coach in YOUR Pocket" & does NOT include JUMPCIRCLE or the JUMPSTARTER Virtual Summits. JUMPCIRCLE and the Summits are available after the trial with the FULL JUMPSTARTER EXPERIENCE!

*There is no obligation to sign up after the trial and no credit card to sign up.

Bonus : When you sign up for a trial you will receive the recordings of the Virtual JUMPSTART Sessions from Parker Walbeck, Paul Xavier, Ryan Hanlon, and more from the JUMPSTARTER Virtual Summit above-mentioned guests.