Free Resources to help Jumpstart you.

My main focus with being a Jumpstarter is helping people one on one make "BIG" Shifts Fast! I'm not in the business of selling courses, memberships, books etc. Which is why all the content I offer is free. With me you pay for access to my personal one on one support. There are plenty of people out there offering those other types of services. I'm here for the people who those types of services aren't working. 

If you are ready to make a change. I can help. I suggest you dive deeper & explore how I can personally help you one on one by checking out my coaching options page.

Coaching Options

Why I Give it All Away... I believe everyone should be able to wake up everyday and do work that Lights their Soul on Fire! So that they can live a life doing what they LOVE!

I believe so deeply in this mission, that I give all my content away for free. I'm focused on being the BEST one on one Coach/Jumpstarter for filmmakers & videographers, but if I only provided services, that wouldn’t truly fulfill my mission.  

I believe everyone—especially the people who can’t afford my services—should be able to have access to the exact same information as anyone else (there are no secrets for sale here), so you can still have the opportunity to transform your life and live a life that lights you up!